It was a dealer’s affair!

Coffee, coffee machines, coffee equipment…great company, good music (check out “Tuin” – they’re great!) … and seriously good conversation around all things coffee and coffee equipment!

It’s the same procedure, every year and we love it!  The team at Nexus Coffee Company invited a few of our nearest and dearest business partners to celebrate the end of 2015 at our new offices in Pretoria. Needless to say, we had a sterling time! This was also a perfect opportunity to showcase some of the knowledge we have garnered over the past few years, especially with our travels that took place to Europe in 2015.

Talking about coffee, coffee machines and coffee equipment (we even threw in a few of our ice cream and slushy machines) is always a pleasure for us and we are very pleased to once again, have enjoyed the evening with people who have been involved with Nexus for many years.

This is just a snapshot of the fabulous celebration that took place at Nexus at the end of 2015, to thank our business partners, teams and agencies.

Thank you to all our guests (some who traveled cross-country!) for joining us and for the ongoing collaborations that our relationships afford us.

Here’s to another year of success for all of us!



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